The Nationaal Onderduikmuseum is located in the town centre, Markt 14, 7121 CS in Aalten.

Coming from all directions, follow:

  • Aalten Centrum
  • P = Parking route
  • Direction signs: Aaltense Musea

On the map, you will see the Aaltense Musea in the centre.

You can park at several parking lots near the town centre. Within a blue zone (= disc zone) you need to use a disc clock (available for free at the museum). The maximum parking time here is 1.5 hours.

There is a disabled parking space in front of the museum.

When you travel to the museum by coach bus, it is best to park on the site next to the petting zoo ‘De Ahof’, Polstraat 9.

Public transport: the train station is a 5 to 10 minutes walk from the museum.



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