The Nationaal Onderduikmuseum aims to incite visitors, young and old, to reflect and contemplate on phenomena such as racism, fascism and discrimination in the past, present and possibly in the future. The name loosely translates as ‘National Museum dedicated to People in Hiding’.

Partly because of its location near the German border, the museum strives to promote Euregional contacts between Germans and the Dutch by learning from each other’s history during the forties of the last century, a period in which countless prejudices are rooted. The museum therefore stimulates meetings between German and Dutch students, with a bilingual presentation and bilingual educational programs.

The museum also offers a wealth of information about the history and development of the local textile and horn industries, as well as the agricultural development of the region.

The museum picks up on its central themes with temporary exhibitions, inviting visitors – both adults and children – to go explore for themselves. For children from age 8 quests are available. Besides educational programs for students, group tours are available by appointment.

Nationaal Onderduikmuseum Aalten

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