GOING INTO HIDINGThe Nationaal Onderduikmuseum in Aalten is dedicated to the people who needed to hide (‘onderduiken’ in Dutch) during WW II.
Nationaal Onderduikmuseum, Markt 12 in Aalten
THE HOUSE MARKT 12The house, a listed building, is furnished to the atmosphere of the period 1940-1945. The original hiding place and shelter are both still accessible.
Verhalen over de onderduik
STORIESIt is the personal stories that keep WW II alive. Many of these stories remained untold for a long time. There is more room now to share these stories.
Collectie Gelderland
COLLECTIONMore than 400,000 objects from museums, archives, libraries, historical associations and other (heritage) organizations from Gelderland.
HISTORY AALTENAalten has an interesting history. The textile industry and the unique horn industry were decisive for the development of the village.
MUSEUM SHOPIn the lobby is a shop where you can buy various regional products and there is a unique collection of (WW II) literature.
Baliemedewerkers aan het werk. Foto: Karin Stronks
TOURIST OFFICEHere you will find extensive information about recreational and cultural activities, accommodation and hiking and cycling routes in and around Aalten.

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