Behind the buildings Markt 12 and 14, which are sitting directly at Aalten’s central market square, is the old Saxon village farmhouse called the ‘Freriksschure’. The Freriksschure (Freriks’ Shed) owes its name to Harmen Jan Freriks, ‘healer and midwife’, who lived in the mansion Markt 14 for many years and used the barn as a coach house.

Since 1985 the space has been set up as an agricultural museum, showing tools that were used by farmers around 1900. The sub-collection includes tools used for agricultural crafts, such as milk processing, home slaughter, tillage and harvesting. Tools have also been set up that give an idea of ​​the crafts that were closely associated with the farming business, such as a saddlery, wheel factory and clog factory.

Carts and carriages are on show and, in addition, it shows which activities were carried out in the cottage industry, such as the processing of flax into linen and the washing of textiles. Finally, a living room and a ‘junk attic’ have been furnished. The masterpiece is the wheel factory, which is very rare thanks to its completeness.


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