Besides the war theme, the museum also tells about life and work of a community over time, especially about the uniqueness of the horn industry (unique in the country) and the euregional history of the textile industry.

The stately mansion ‘Frerikshuus’ displays the history of Aalten and its environment. You’ll get an overview of how people lived and worked in this region, from prehistoric artefacts to products of homecraft in the last century. The ancient building is designated as national heritage and has a special history of occupation. The name refers to doctor Harmen Jan Freriks (1813-1862), who lived here with his family for many years. In particular, the textile and horn industry are featured as well as old crafts. There is also a fully equipped classroom from earlier times.

The old village farmhouse, called ‘Freriksschure’, like the other museum buildings, is designated as national heritage. Here is where the agricultural development of Aalten and the region is shown. The decor and agricultural collection shows how farmers lived and worked. Much of what they needed in daily life was made by themselves, from farm carts to bedsteads and looms. The work on the farms was directly connected with the amenities and facilities in the village. There were connections across the border. Rare is the complete wheel manufactury.

For children we have an exciting treasure hunt full of surprises!

Opzetten kettingdraden van spoelen

Aalten Heritage

The municipality of Aalten is rich in cultural-historical heritage. Every place has its own story. You can read, hear and see the stories here:


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