War graves route

In memory of our relatives, fellow villagers, refugees and soldiers who fell victim to the acts of war and national socialism as a result of WW2, the war graves in the cemeteries in the municipality of Aalten are marked with signs.

The cemeteries are:

  • General cemetery Berkenhove (entrance Barloseweg) Aalten
  • Old general cemetery Varsseveldsestraatweg Aalten
  • Old Roman Catholic cemetery Piet Heinstraat Aalten
  • Old general cemetery Prins Mauritsstraat Bredevoort
  • Old Roman Catholic cemetery Bolwerkweg Bredevoort
  • Old general cemetery Kerkhofstraat Dinxperlo
  • Jewish cemetery Haartsestraat Aalten (panel with names of Jewish victims from the municipality of Aalten)

For an overview of locals who died as a result of acts of war or who played an important role during WW2, for example in the resistance, click here.

Stories of war graves in Aalten and Bredevoort

Fatal curiosity

Fatal curiosity

13-year-old Jan van der Zwan got along well with the somewhat surly German SS commander. On 20 January, Jan walked into the commander’s office. There he saw the German’s gun and couldn’t control his curiosity.