Stolpersteine Route

Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) are memorial stones, which are placed in the sidewalk in front of houses from which people were deported by the Nazis to an extermination camp in WW2. When you see a stone, usually unexpectedly, with the name of a victim of this terror in front of your feet, you are reminded again how many millions were victims of systematic murder during that war.

On top of the stones, which have a surface of 10 by 10 cm, a brass plate is applied. The name, year of birth, date of deportation and place and date of death are stamped on it. Thus each of those stones reminds of one of those victims, a person who lived in this place and was deported from here, never to return.

The Friends of the Aaltense Synagogue Foundation has sought affiliation with the international Stolpersteine project. Special attention is being drawn to those Jewish residents of Aalten who did not survive the war. With this, it wants to honor their memory and also create memorial places for future generations, so that they are not forgotten. This is not just about them, but also about the ideology that led to their deaths, discrimination on the basis of religion and race, with the ultimate consequence of a horrifying genocide. At a time when anti-Semitism is also on the rise in the Netherlands, this should be a permanent warning.

In Aalten, 33 Jewish fellow citizens lost their lives, most of them in extermination camps. In addition, there was at least one victim, Mr. Wiggers, who was deported and died in a German camp because he hid Jewish people.


  • Hogestraat 3: Jacob ten Bosch, Jansje ten Bosch-Bouwman
  • Hogestraat 13: Moritz Cohen, Bernhard Cohen, Karoline Japhet-Eppstein
  • Hogestraat 55 I: Albert Lewy, Frederika Lewij-ten Bosch, Berta Mathilde Lewy
  • Hogestraat 94: Salomon Goedhart, Philippina Lea Goedhart-Rosenburg
  • ’t Dal 1: Levi Salomon Schaap, Ella Schaap Philips, Eliazar Hars Schaap, Frits Landau, Amalia Landau-Lorch
  • Lichtenvoordsestraatweg 17: Philip van Gelder, Elise van Gelder-Cohen, Jozef Backs
  • Grevinkweg 5: Sally Fuldauer, Regina Fuldauer-de Jong
  • Dijkstraat 10a: Levie van Gelder, Jula van Gelder-Landau, Arnold van Gelder
  • Stationsstraat 24: Abraham van Gelder, Reintjen van Gelder-de Jong
  • Haartsestraat 64: Wijnand Andriesse
  • Eerste Broekdijk 51: Roberth Fuldauer, Rozetta Fuldauer-van Gelder, Lina Sara Fuldauer, Sara Fuldauer, Meijer David Fuldauer, Cato Konijn
  • Vellegendijk 17: Hendrik Wiggers

In one case, no stone could be laid in front of the victim’s house, because the house (Industriestraat 4) no longer exists and there is no sidewalk in which the stone could be placed. Therefore this stone was laid before the synagogue:

  • Stationsstraat 7: Johanna Cohen-Juchenheim


More information about the Stolpersteine in Aalten, and the people who have lived at the above addresses, can be found at