Onderduikmuseum scores high at ANWB museum check

The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) had its members check the accessibility and hospitality of Dutch museums for less mobile visitors.

By means of a questionnaire visitors could rate various criteria with grades from 1 to 10. These criteria included accessibility by public transport, parking facilities in the vicinity of the museum, the availability of a disabled toilet and the possibility to view the exhibits from a wheelchair.

The ratings for accessibility and hospitality of the 36 visited museums in the Netherlands were merged and that determined the final score. With a grade of 8.1 for accessibility and 8.8 for hospitality, the Nationaal Onderduikmuseum shared a 2nd place in the national total.

With this great result the Nationaal Onderduikmuseum was complimented and offered a glass plaque by Anneke Haring of the ANWB.

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