Jennie Kempink

Jennie Kempink lived with her father Gerrit and her mother Dirkje at the address Markt 12 in Aalten. The Kempink family was very sociable: the house was a meeting place for many, even during World War II.

Up in the attic they hid people in hiding. For them, Markt 12 was a passageway to a definitive hiding place. When the Germans claimed the large living room and settled the local Ortskommandantur here, this did not change. Her parents tried to keep good relations with the Germans as well. But when the Germans showed her mother a portrait of Hitler, which they had hung on the wall in the Ortskommandantur, she turned it around.

Daughter Jennie did not hear all what had happened in her childhood home until after the war. Today, Markt 12 houses the Nationaal Onderduikmuseum. It tells the history of this house through the people who went through here.

Jennie Kempink 1942
Jennie Kempink, ca. 1942
Jennie Kempink Onthulling Liberationkei
Jennie Kempink, 2015
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