Fatal curiosity

13-year-old Jan van der Zwan got along well with the somewhat surly German SS commander. On 20 January, Jan walked into the commander's office. There he saw the German's gun and couldn't control [...]

Frank Dell

In the night of 14 to 15 October 1944, the British Mosquito bomber of RAF pilot Frank Dell crashed near Münster, Germany. Frank fled and walked for days, eventually ending up in Lintelo where he [...]

The Ladies Jolink

The sisters Minnie and Gerrie Jolink from Varsseveld provided many hiding places in and around Varsseveld during WW II. However, the sisters themselves were betrayed and eventually died of the [...]

Mass execution

On 2 March 1945, 46 men, so called 'Todeskandidaten', were executed near Varsseveld as a reprisal for the killing of four German Fallschirmjäger that were found in a half-blown, partially [...]

Friendly face of evil

He was the friendly face of Nazi evil: Albert Gemmeker, commander of Camp Westerbork. He was known as a correct commander, who insisted on not knowing what was happening to the Jews in camps like [...]

Church raid

On Sunday 30 January 1944, the Germans occupiers raid two churches in Aalten, looking for men between the ages of 19 and 23 who are evading compulsory labor in Germany and are in hiding. 48 Men [...]


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