Museum and tourist office temporarily closed

In line with national policy on the corona virus, the Nationaal Onderduikmuseum and the tourist office in Aalten are temporarily closed to the public.

Church raid

On Sunday 30 January 1944, the Germans occupiers raid two churches in Aalten, looking for men between the ages of 19 and 23 who are evading compulsory labor in Germany and are in hiding. 48 Men were arrested, 5 did not return alive.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition ‘WW2 in 100 objects’

It's been two years since the exhibition WW2 in 100 Objects in the Kunsthal Rotterdam ended, having welcomed more than 100,000 visitors. However, the exhibition website has been extended with a Google Street View 360-degree version of the exhibition. Now everyone can still visit the exhibition virtually: Objects of the Nationaal Onderduikmuseum The Nationaal Onderduikmuseum in Aalten provided three [...]

Successful exhibition in Berlin

The Nationaal Onderduikmuseum was involved in the preparation of the exhibition. 1945 – NIEDERLAGE. BEFREIUNG. NEUANFANG – ZWÖLF LÄNDER EUROPAS NACH DEM ZWEITEN WELTKRIEG Van het Duits Historisch Museum in Berlijn (24. 4.2015-10.01-2016) The Second World War ended in Europe on the 8th of May 1945 with the capitulation of the Wehrmacht. Six years of […]

Peter van Essen

At the age of 21, in 1943, Van Essen rang the doorbell of a man known as Ome Jan, a leader of the resistance movement in the town of Aalten. This was the beginning of two years in hiding at a farm named ‘De Koekoek’ in Dale near Aalten, at times over a pigsty in a barn. He kept a diary.

Exhibition ‘Portrait of an Era’

About photography and daily life around the year 1900 in Westphalia and the Achterhoek 28 November 2015 – 3 April 2016 The exhibition ‘Zeitgeist-Zeitenwende’ (Portrait of an Era) presents a selection of some 40 photographs, including portraits, motifs from the life in the countryside as well as photos of buildings. The images illustrate there are parallels between the transition from old […]

Onderduikmuseum scores high at ANWB museum check

The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) had its members check the accessibility and hospitality of Dutch museums for less mobile visitors. By means of a questionnaire visitors could rate various criteria with grades from 1 to 10. These criteria included accessibility by public transport, parking facilities in the vicinity of the museum, the availability of a disabled toilet and the possibility […]


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