Front room

Nevertheless, despite the hard times, during the war the lives of the residents of the house continued. This is shown in the front room. Father had to work for the Germans and the children went [...]

Middle room

Like the father of the family, many Dutch men had to work for the Germans: the Arbeitseinsatz. That is what the intermediate chamber is about. We also see how difficult it was to get electricity [...]

Upstairs room

The upstairs room tells the story of the Atlantikwall, the defensive wall built by the Germans along the Atlantic ocean to prevent an invasion. For the construction of this wall, amongst [...]


During World War II, the kitchen was used far too little for which it was intended unfortunately. To get something to eat almost was a full-time job. There were food stamps, but you had to pay [...]

Cellar (air raid shelter)

Beneath the house is a cellar, which served as an air raid shelter and where all the people from the neighborhood fled during an air raid. They hoped to be safe there. Because. being so close to [...]

Side corridor

In the side corridor the central theme is: Propaganda. The Germans as well as the Allies and the opposition used posters and flyers to convince people of their right.


At the top, in the attic, a lot is happening. There is an illegal printing house, a hiding place and there are many stories about resistance and hiding. Visitors can submit their own stories [...]


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